If you are invited to a formal hearing you must contact the Union as soon as possible. We will try to provide a Representative to accompany you on the date proposed by Nationwide. However, if a Union Representative is not available on that day you have the right in law to propose an alternative time for the hearing within five working days of the date proposed by Nationwide.

We will agree a suitable day with you that falls within the five working day period. You will need to write to Nationwide and suggest this alternative date. The following text can be used to confirm this date. You should send this to the person named on the letter advising you of the hearing. It is advisable to contact them by phone or outlook as well to ensure that they are aware that you wish to re-arrange the meeting.

Example Letter: Request to Postpone a Hearing

Dear <insert name>

Thank you for your letter dated <insert date> inviting me to a hearing on <insert date>.

I wish to be accompanied at the hearing by <insert name of NGSU Representative> who is an accredited Representative of Nationwide Group Staff Union (NGSU). Unfortunately, my Representative is unable to attend a hearing on the specified date and therefore, in accordance with Section 10 of the Employment Relations Act 1999, I request that the hearing is postponed and propose <insert new date & time> as an alternative date and time.

Please accept this letter as my authority to discuss matters relating to the hearings arrangements with the NGSU.

I look forward to receiving confirmation of these new arrangements shortly.

Yours sincerely

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