Rules of the Nationwide Group Staff Union

NGSU is run in accordance with our rules approved by National Conference. You can download our current rule book here NGSU Rules – wef 9 Oct 2013.

The Union’s Rules require the National Executive Committee (NEC) to make a number of appointments in respect of trustees; auditors and scrutineers. The appointments for 2016/17 are:

Appointment of General Trustees – Rule 23

The following NEC members are appointed as general trustees: Nicola Huddlestone; Karen Hart; Christian Palfrey

Appointment of Auditors – Rule 24

H W Fisher

Appointment of Independent Scrutineers – Rule 25

Electrol Reform Society

Appointment of Charitable Reserve “Advisors”

The following NEC members are appointed as Charitable Reserve trustees: Rajesh Aggarwal; Darren Blundell; Nicola Huddlestone, Mike Moir

Appointment of Bankers

Unity Trust

Appointment of Membership Assurer