Rules of the Nationwide Group Staff Union

NGSU is run in accordance with our rules approved by National Conference. You can download our current rule book here Union Rules October 2017

The Union’s Rules require the National Executive Committee (NEC) to make a number of appointments in respect of trustees; auditors and scrutineers. The appointments for 2016/17 are:

Appointment of General Trustees – Rule 23

The following NEC members are appointed as general trustees: Nicola Huddlestone; Karen Hart; Christian Palfrey

Appointment of Auditors – Rule 24

H W Fisher

Appointment of Independent Scrutineers – Rule 25

Electrol Reform Society

Appointment of Charitable Reserve “Advisors”

The following NEC members are appointed as Charitable Reserve trustees: Rajesh Aggarwal; Darren Blundell; Nicola Huddlestone, Mike Moir

Appointment of Bankers

Unity Trust

Appointment of Membership Assurer