NGSU Website – Password changes

We have made some changes to the password system to the members-only section of our website.

You are currently issued with a 4-digit PIN number to access our member only pages. When you next log in, you’ll be asked to change your PIN to at least an 8-digit password, using a combination of numbers, symbols and upper and lower-case letters.

Password Reminder Process – Register your e-mail address

To re-set your password you must have registered an e-mail address with us to receive the reminders. You can add an e-mail address to your union records, using the ‘edit my information’ here. Ideally, we’d like you to register a home e-mail address but you can register a Nationwide e-mail address.  Your details will be updated after 24 hours.

Please contact us on 01295 710767 or via our webchat service for help.