Time Off and Support

Union Representatives and Officers play an important role in the work of the Union. To help you perform your role effectively we have agreed with Nationwide that you can take paid time off work to fulfil your duties. Details of the time off arrangements are set out below and can also be found in the Recognition Agreement between Nationwide and NGSU.

Should you experience difficulties in agreeing the appropriate amount of time off from your normal role, please call us at Middleton Cheney on 01295 710767.

Time off and support for Union Representatives

The time-off provision for Union officers and representatives depends on the position you hold. It is expected that, for each position, the following time-off will be required, spread through the calendar year, to attend relevant Union meetings.The amount of time off is cumulative if more than one position is held.

  • District and Department Representatives = 8 days per annum
  • Safety Representative = 8 days per annum
  • Equality Officer = 8 days per annum
  • NEC Officer = 11 days per annum
  • Employee Involvement Committee/Business Committee member = 11 days per annum
  • Advisory Committee Member = 5 days per annum
  • Disciplinary Officer = reasonable time dependent on the number of hearings

In addition, you can take time to attend the Union’s biennial Conference.

Nationwide also recognises that you may need to assist, counsel, and formally represent Union members on occasions that could require some additional time during the working day. Such additional requests for time-off will be considered sympathetically by your manager.

Performance Plans

Your work with the Union should be reflected within your Performance Plan. This is important because it will help you and your manager to understand how your union duties fit with your business objectives. It maybe appropriate to adjust your work objectives to allow for time you will spend carrying out union work. It is also important that the contribution you make as a result of your union role is recognised as part of your overall performance and the NGSU Performance Objectives may help with this.

Your union duties provide a number of training and development opportunities. You may wish to include these within your Personal Development objectives within your Performance Plan. You can download the Development Record and use it to document your union work and show how this has contributed to your development. You and your manager may wish to discuss your Development Record as part of your Performance Review.