From 22  January 2018, all Carillion employees working on the Nationwide contract have had their employment transferred to Nationwide.  Our Recognition Agreement transfers across to Nationwide and we are working with the Society to establish appropriate consultation arrangements.

Working Together

NGSU seeks to work in partnership with Carillion Services Ltd to secure the best possible working conditions for our members.

Recognition Agreement

This agreement is between Carillion Services Ltd and the Nationwide Group Staff Union (Union).

Carillion Services Ltd is defined as:

  • Carillion (AMBS) Ltd being the legal entity applicable for the provision of the contracted services to the Nationwide Building Society

Carillion recognises the Union as the sole representative body for:

  • Collective Bargaining in respect of employees at Levels F, G and H engaged in its activities delivering services within the scope of Carillion’s commercial contract with the Nationwide Building Society and any contract at any time replacing the same. Carillion Contract Management employees are excluded from this group of employees as these are typically outside of Carillion job levels F, G & H.
  • Individual Representation for Union members within Carillion.

See full agreement here.

Join Us

We would like to invite all eligible Carillion employees to join NGSU by either completing the online form here or by downloading our paper application form here.